Intl. Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

FACE the Truth

Background: ICMEC is a global network of researchers, policy centers, and educators on a mission to end child abduction and exploitation, both of which are happening at increasing rates in the digital age.

Challenge: Rebrand, rename, and create a new content strategy for the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children to communicate a wider audience.

Insight: Guardians don’t think their own children can be exploited or be taken from them. It’s hard to think about and willful ignorance is making the problem worse.

Idea: We propose that ICMEC broadens their content strategy to be the leading educational resource in the Fight Against Child Exploitation - FACE the Truth. The more that is known, the better all of us can protect children.

My particular contributions include the New Logo Design, Case Study Video, Media Activation, TV Spot Art Direction, Website Redesign, and Style Guide.