Growing up on a chicken farm in rural Alabama gave me the opportunity to learn, and unlearn, a lot about myself. It’s influenced the way I see the world, taught me to respect myself, and more importantly to respect others. I’ve always felt education was my path to something more than the farm. I paid my way through undergrad and portfolio school working multiple part-time jobs and hustling for any scholarship I could find. Guess you could say it was my "passion" project. According to the Myers-Briggs test, I’m an ENFP Campaigner personality, which means I embrace big ideas and actions, and probably explains why I’m so attracted to advertising. I’m also compulsively curious and have listened to just over 2000 hours of audiobooks, not including podcasts.

In my work, I want to connect with the audience with layers of human truth rooted in shared experience and universal understanding. I strive to make campaign ideas simple to understand so that they will stick and translate to different cultures and types of people. I typically find my best ideas when I move past my initial first thoughts.